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        No 1:      Local History Societies and Computers

        No 2:      Further Notes on Computer Equipment and Software

        No 3:      An Introduction to Digital Images

        No 4:      An Introduction to Creating Local History Web Pages

        No 5:      High Compression, High Resolution Digital Images and Documents Using MrSID and DjVu

        No 6:      A Simple Introduction to Copyright

        No 7:      Simple Image Scanning

        No 8:      Creating PDF (Portable Document Format) Files

        No 9:      Introduction to Recording and Retrieving Historical Information

        No 10:    A Method for Putting a 'Free Format' Database On-line

        No 11:    Simple Data Manipulation for Local Historians (430kB PDF file)


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Useful Websites

        Useful Websites for Local History Research

Local History Archives

        Local History Archives held by Gloucestershire Societies

County Histories

        The Victoria History of Gloucestershire


        An Annotated Booklist for Local Historians

Census Data

        Gloucestershire Population Tables 1801 - 1901

Local History Collections


        Dursley History


Committee for Archaeology in Gloucestershire (CAG)


        Gloucestershire Archaeological Resource List

Gloucester and District

        Gloucestershire Archaeology

Industrial Archaeology

Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology (GSIA)

        Annual Journals 1971 - and Newsletters 1964 - 1970:    General Index

        Annual Journals 1971 - :    Contents Lists and downloads

        Newsletters 1964 - 1970:    Contents Lists and downloads

Steam Engines

        Boulton and Watt Engines Supplied to Gloucestershire

The Woollen Cloth Industry

        The Woollen Cloth Industry in the Dursley Area

South Gloucestershire Mines

        South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group