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Gloucestershire History

Between 1987 and 2011, the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council’s Local History Committee published an annual journal, ‘Gloucestershire History’, containing a range of articles on the history of the County. ‘Gloucestershire History’ replaced the existing ‘Local History Bulletin’, which the Committee had published for many years.

With the winding up of the Local History Committee, publication of ‘Gloucestershire History’ ceased, and the new GLHA has no current plans to produce a comparable publication - although that remains a possibility at some future date.

A list of the articles published in all 25 issues of ‘Gloucestershire History’ is given below.

1987 The Builders of Gloucestershire Country Houses 1500-1830; Gloucester Spa; The Purchase of Seat Places in Church in 18th Century Minchinhampton; Walter Hadwen; The National Agricultural Labourers' Union in Gloucestershire Part 1.

1988 Dr. Henry Charles Boisragon; Father Birdsall; The Selling of History, Cheltenham in Change; The Great Road to London from Tewkesbury; The Mystery of the Black Mound; Benjamin Parsons, a Gloucestershire Rebel; The National Labourers' Union in Gloucestershire Part II.

1989 Reverend G.W. Green; Hengler's Circus and Gloucestershire; How the Telephone came to Gloucester; Stroud Election Riots of 1834; The Election to the First Gloucestershire County Council; Frederick Griggs R.A. and Chipping Campden.

1990 Special Winter Edition: The Development of an Urban Site 1455-1750, The Island and Lower Part of Westgate Street; Seynckley - From Abbess to Artist.

1991 The Bisley Path; To Serve the Watermen; First British School in Tewkesbury; Samuel Baker of Gloucester; Ryan's Royal Circus Visits Cheltenham; The Beginning of the Cheltenham Dispensary.

1992 An Old House in Leonard Stanley; Maisemore and the River Severn; Bibury Charities, Gloucestershire Cavaliers; The Dixton Paintings, The Ludlows of Chipping Sodbury.

1993 The Cotswold Yeoman; Gloucestershire Roundheads; Humpty Dumpty; The Shocking Occurrence at Stroud Workhouse; Dursley Charities; Postal Reforms and Gloucestershire Postal History.

1994 Who was Doctor Foster?; The Early Decades of the Cheltenham Dispensary; Frowde the Proud - the Clown Evangelist; St Mary's Home, Painswick.

1995 Hatherley House; Apprenticeships of Children of the Poor; Gloucester Street History Group, Winchcombe; Stone Built Sheepwashes in Gloucestershire; The Dursley Saddlers.

1996 :Place Names around Cheltenham; The early Manors of Longborough; A Ballad Enigma; The casebook of Ralph Fletcher M.D.; Travelling along the Trail (The development of a community-based art project in the Stroud Valleys, Nailsworth).

1997 An Old Cirencester Chapel; The Champions of the Vale; Paupers and Officialdom; St John's Cheltenham, Early Years.

1998 The Story of Trinity Mill Bagendon; Maisemore Court and the Families who lived there Part 1; Quenington and Godwins; Superintendent Thomas Basson 1836 - 1909, A Policeman and his Family; From Westcote to New Zealand in the 1870s.

1999 The Battle of the River Severn; Maisemore Court and the families who lived there - Part II; John Pickard A Stroud Life, 1808-1841; Children of the North Cotswolds: One Hundred Years ago; The Election of Gloucestershire County Coroners 1800-1888 Part I.

2000 Cheltenham Destroyed - An introduction to the lost buildings; Prosperity Forgotten - A study of the Stroudwater mills, 1850 to 1871; Nathaniel Dyer - A newly discovered bit of history; The Election of Gloucestershire County Coroners 1800 - 1888, Part II.

2001 Leisure Pursuits of a nineteenth century Engineer; The Remnants of a Landscape Park- Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire; A Political Problem - Local Liberal candidates at the General Election of January 1910; The Lost Autobiography of James Henry Frowde; Local History in Winchcombe

2002 Nineteenth century Clock and Watchmakers in Southgate Street, Gloucester; The Manorial Estates of Leckhampton; Unwillingly to Australia; Gloucestershire County Council Sites and Monuments Record.

2003 Where did the vicar of Winchcombe live before the Old Vicarage was built?; The Reformation in Gloucestershire parishes; Renovation of Pittville Pump Room and its reopening; Humphrey Brown M.P., ship owner, silk manufacturer, mayor, M.P. and bankrupt.

2004 Crime in Gloucestershire 1805 to 1833; Cheltenham's Bandstands; Two Sixteenth Century Gloucestershire Men; A Case of Poverty in late Victorian Cheltenham; Barnwood House and Grounds.

2005 An 18th century Squire; Gloucester and the 1904-5 Welsh Revival; Queen Elizabeth I in Gloucestershire; Edwin Peckham (1887-1972) - the Stroud Photographer.

2006 Early District Nursing in Gloucestershire; 16th and 17th century Silver made in Gloucestershire; Police and Crime in Gloucestershire 1834-1856; Dursley Emigrants to South Africa in 1820.

2007 Gloucester's Near Miss: The Crash of Vickers Varsity G-APAZ; The Evolution of Gloucester's Government AD 96-1835; Mass Dials in Gloucestershire; Minsterworth: Evidence of the Early History.

2008 The oldest showman in England: Gloucestershire's John Bellamy (1803-1893); The state of Gloucestershire's tenant farmers and their labourers in the Victorian years up to 1872; Almshouses - a life of privilege: a comparison of almshouse life and poor relief in Chipping Campden; Under water: flooding in Cheltenham 1731-1993.

2009 The Bible Christian Methodists of Gloucester: the early years of St Luke's Church, Stroud Road; Noble Gifts: the legacy of Daniel George Bingham (1830-1913) to 'my old native town' of Cirencester; The Garrison of Gloucester in the Civil War.

2010 The eve of the Industrial Revolution: access to land in the weaving parish of Bisley; Cromwell and the Forest of Dean; Almshouses of Gloucestershire.

2011 Blacklow Hundred, Gloucestershire: a proposal for a lost assembly site; The Holst family contribution to Cheltenham music making in the 19th century; 'A moth-eaten rag': Regimental Colours in Cirencester Church.

A full set is kept at the Gloucestershire Archives.